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an apple a day

September 17, 2011
red and green apples

an apple a day

as part of my graduate program, i am required to complete 300 volunteer hours in various categories.  one of the categories is community service, but it has to relate to food.  while i was researching possibilities, i came across a very cool organization called lettuce link.  lettuce link provides fresh foods to lower income families in the greater seattle area.  while providing these fresh foods, they also teach those families about how to achieve a sustainable, whole foods diet.  they have several projects, one of them being community fruit tree harvest.  working with community fruit tree harvest, i get to go to various houses around seattle to harvest apple, plum, and pear trees when they become ripe for the picking!  the fruit picked is then delivered to people with limited access to organic produce – for example, food shelters!  in 2009 alone, CFTH volunteers harvested more than 19,600 lbs of fresh fruit!!

apples in tree

one of the apple trees

today we harvested a few apple trees on a property in greenlake!  sadly there were more that had been eaten by worms than were good, but we saved all the wormy apples as well in case someone wanted to turn them into cider or apple sauce!  it is a great organization and i can’t wait to get more involved with community fruit tree harvest.

apple boxes

hard at work

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