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a little slice of paradise

September 24, 2011

waves on the road to hana


morning rainbow

a full rainbow right outside our condo the morning we left

this past week tomas and i took a trip to maui, and almost didn’t come back!  tomas had been to honalulu on a previous trip last year for a friend’s wedding, but found the island to be a bit too touristy… maui on the other hand was our kind of town!  there are a few different little towns throughout the island, two of which we spend the most time in were pa’ia, and lahaina.  lahaina is a cute little touristy town, and pa’ia is the last town on the road to hana, and is an amazingly cute hippie town with great food and tons of cute boutiques i wouldn’t let myself go into in fear of spending too much money 😉


a little pool we stopped to take a dip in

the first restaurant was i’o restaurant in lahaina.  neither one of us was starving when we got there so we decided to split a few different things… we got the royalty risotto that was full of beautiful mushrooms with hints of orange and thyme, a filet of mahi, and then the green bean gremolata which was cooked perfectly so that the beans still had a bit of crunch left in them!  we ate outside and could here a luau going on next store to the restaurant, which was another cool little twist to the dinner!

the second place was pa’ia fish market… we went shortly after having some breakfast so i wasn’t going to originally get anything, but tomas had me try a bite of his ono sandwich and after that i had to get one!!  i actually ended up getting the mahi instead of the ono, but it was equally as delicious!!

the third great restaurant we went to was a pizza place in pa’ia, flatbread company, that used local, organic ingredients.  they made their pizzas in a huge stone oven that was in the middle of the restaurant, and they made their homemade tomato sauce in a gigantic cauldron that was also in the front of the restaurant!  the pizza was incredible, i didn’t want to stop eating it!!


flatbread company

as for the adventure in the trip, the last day we were there we did the road to hana… it was a stunningly beautiful drive that took us on a continually winding road through the lush maui rainforest.  we stopped periodically along the way to hike up to waterfalls and natural pools, where the water was so clean and crisp!the views, hiking, waterfalls, and forest were what i had always hoped to experience from hawaii!!  the other amazingly cool attraction was the banyan tree that was on the main drag in lahaina.  the way the branches grow back into the ground amazes me.  this tree is one of the oldest and largest banyan trees in the world and almost looks surreal.  being a tree lover, it was a great experience to touch and witness such an incredible miracle of nature!


the banyan tree



a pitstop on the road to hana

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