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drool worthy chicken noodle

October 5, 2011

who isn’t a fan of chicken noodle soup?  I still love Campbell’s classic chicken noodle when I’m sick!  this version is lower in sodium and a little more substantial, but the homemade chicken stock makes it so crazy yummy that you may initially make it for your honey when they’re sick, but you’ll end up eating all of it yourself!  the other great thing about this soup is that it is a multitasker – you end up using all of the chicken and both the skins of the carrots and the actual carrots!



chicken noodle soup


i’ve included the link for the chicken stock recipe i posted earlier this week as a reference.  i thought that since i posted a chicken stock recipe, i should probably also post a soup to go along with it!!  let me know how it turns out and any other unique ingredients you like to put in your chicken noodle!!


1 store bough rotisserie chicken

1 large onion

1 bushel of carrots (peeled, but save the peelings)

1 bunch of celery (large dice)

½ lb rotini pasta

3 stalks rosemary

½ cup thyme (still on the stalk)

¼ cup parsley

olive oil



First step is to pick all the chicken off the bones of the chicken and set the  meat aside.


To make the stock, put the bones of the chicken in a stock pot along with the peelings from the carrots, half the celery, the onion that has been chopped in big chunks along with its skins, and the herbs.  Throw in a handful of salt and then fill the pot with water so that all the ingredients are covered.  Bring the water to a boil, then let it simmer for about 2 hours or so.

Strain all the stock into another stock pot and set aside.


While the stock is boiling, cook the pasta to the box’s instructions.  When it’s done, strain it out and toss it with olive oil, salt and pepper so that I doesn’t stick together while you wait for the stock to be done.

Chop the carrots into rounds.  Place the carrots and the remaining celery into a sauté pan with olive oil and sauté over medium heat for 5-10 minutes.  Then put about ¼ cup of water into the pan and cover.  Bring the heat down to low and allow the veggies to steam and continue to soften up.

When the veggies are nice and soft, toss them, the cooked pasta, and the shredded chicken into the stock.  Allow to warm up for about 15 minutes, then season with salt and pepper and dig in!

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