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salmon & boursin cheese wrapped in dill sprinkled phyllo

October 21, 2011
salmon in phyllo

wild salmon with boursin cheese, wrapped in phyllo

growing up i used to love to dip my wheat thins into boursin cheese.  if you’ve never had boursin, it is a garlic & herb soft cheese that is absolutely heavenly!  i’m sure it has been put on cheese platters many times over throughout its history.  the sad part is that cheese platters have dominated the use of boursin, when it could be used in so many other dishes so that we can enjoy it more often!  i know at least in my life at the moment, there aren’t many cocktail parties or get togethers going on so i decided to dig up an old recipe i used to make at my old job.



fresh dill


i will never forget the first time kim asked me to make this for a cooking class she was demo-ing that night.  the second i heard boursin my ears perked up and i couldn’t wait to taste it!  this is a great dish to make for company because it is so incredibly simple to make, yet your guests will be incredibly impressed by your culinary skills and mastery of the phyllo dough!  it is light yet rich at the same time with the just the right combination of creamy, soft, and crispy.  the salmon also adds bright color to the dish, making it as aesthetically pleasing as it is delicious!!


bite of salmon in phyllo

phyllo and dill wrapped salmon


makes 4 servings

4 (4oz) pieces of fresh salmon

1 box boursin

1/4 cup chopped fresh dill

1/2 stick butter, melted

6 sheets of phyllo dough (more incase they rip)

salt and pepper


preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

while the oven is heating up, sprinkle the salmon with salt and pepper and set aside.  cut the phyllo in half vertically  (if it is laying horizontally in front of you).  place one piece of phyllo on a clean surface and brush with butter until the whole piece is wet.  lightly sprinkle the sheet with dill and salt.  place a second sheet of phyllo onto the first and repeat.  do this for a total of three sheets of phyllo.

next, very carefully spread boursin in the center of the phyllo so that it will cover one whole side of the fish.  place the fish, skin side up, onto the phyllo.  wrap the salmon in the phyllo so that it closes on the bottom (skin side).  flip over and put on a buttered sheet tray.  repeat for the other three pieces of fish.

before putting them into the oven, brush the tops of each parcel with butter.  bake in the preheated oven for 15 minutes.  remove, serve and enjoy!


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