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i feel that i am in need of veggies

November 1, 2011
grilled veggie kabobs

grilled veggie kabobs


with tomas’s birthday, having friends in town this past weekend, and heavier fall foods dominating my palate desires of late, i feel like i have forgotten to eat my veggies!  especially after letting myself eat pretty much whatever this past weekend, acting as if i was on vacation while our friends were in town, i actually craved a nice crispy salad last night.  although that desire did not come to fruition last night (we instead had dimsum after watching the bengals beat the seahawks first hand), i did manage to eat some veggies tonight for dinner.

another thing i have been lacking lately is time… thus this post.  i will apologize now for not including much of a recipe today, but instead giving you links to some pretty amazing vegetable recipes on other blogs, but i have a midterm this week that is requiring all of my attention (and then some).

the picture above is from one of many summer nights we grilled out this summer.  there is nothing but olive oil, salt and pepper on the veggies, and then tomas grilled them to perfection.  one suggestion however would be to make sure you cut all the pieces about the same size so they cook around the same pace.

i personally can’t wait to make the recipes below and hope you will get your veggie on and do the same this week!  🙂

zucchini alla scapece from stacey snacks

marinated roasted eggplant, zucchini & tomatoes with garlic and thyme -preserving summer from gourmande in the kitchen

sauted green vegetables with fried egg & arugula walnut pesto – green eggs & him from delicious life

oven roasted vegetables with sage and thyme from jeanette’s healthy living

shaved root vegetable salad from bon appetit

lemony leeks with chick peas and feta from my new roots



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