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my st. patty’s day green

March 17, 2012

shakes 1


everyone else is drinking at least two of their meals today, why can’t i?  while tomas is in celebrating st patty’s day in one of the best US cities to do so today, chicaco, and has most likely been drinking since 10am this morning (just sayin’) i decided i should get to drink my dinner as well… before you go thinkin’ i’m the kind of girl to sit by myself and drink (okay maybe i am just that once), my dinner drink was a milkshake!


shakes 2



i decided to make two since one was more of a st patty’s day flavor, and given that the one i really wanted wasn’t very st patty’s day spirit-y!  don’t worry, i left the mint chocolate chip shake in the fridge for a later date (most likely later tonight, i mean the first one was only like 8oz big so really it wasn’t a whole milkshake when you think about it).  the other inspiration for the mint chocolate chip was finding graeter’s ice cream in the freezer section at fred meyer this afternoon – i LOVE all the kroger companies here in seattle, i can find graeter’s everywhere!


shakes 3


happy st patty’s day everyone – go get your green on!

basically all i used to make these was ice cream and milk… just add a little milk at first, then more to get the consistency you like to whatever flavor ice cream tickles your fancy!  i used mint chocolate chip for one, and the second was a combo of dulce de leche + lavender… cheers!

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