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eggs three ways… part II

April 17, 2012

baked eggs 3


to continue the egg fest that began last week, this week we have baked eggs with pancetta, mozzarella, basil and scallions fresh from the back yard!  to be honest, i’ve never really done much with baking eggs before this recipe, but i saw some photos on foodgawker that inspired me to give it a try!


baked eggs 1


my eggs came out a big more cooked than i had wanted them to be, but i think that was because there were two of them in the ramekin because it was so big, rather than having a smaller ramekin and only one egg.  despite being slightly overcooked, the flavor of this dish was amazing, and was the perfect individual size for me!


baked eggs 2


i’m thinking the trick to this recipe is a really hot oven so you can cook the egg whites quickly without overcooking the yolks (unless of course you like your yolks hard, then by all means, do as you like!).  for a first try in the baked eggs world however, i was definitely a happy camper and will be using this recipe again in the future, especially when entertaining company or when i’m in the mood for breakfast for dinner!


serves 1

2 thin slices pancetta

1 T butter

2 thin round slices of mozzarella cheese

1 egg

1 T chopped basil

1/2 T chopped scallions



preheat the oven to 450.  in a dry skillet, cook the pancetta until it is nice a crispy.  melt the butter in the bottom of a small ramekin (i did this in the microwave – but that will be our little secret!).  when the pancetta is crispy, lay it down over the melted butter.

then spread the cheese over the pancetta, and sprinkle with the basil.  crack the egg carefully into the ramekin, then sprinkle the top with scallions.

bake for 10-15 minutes or until the egg is as done as you like it and enjoy!!

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