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love and marriage… and a great honeymoon!

September 19, 2012



hi everyone!!!!  so it is finally official… i am a married woman!  the week of the wedding and the wedding itself were amazing!  so many friends and family members came out to utah to have fun with us and help us celebrate, and it could not have been a less memorable week.  when i have pics of the food from the reception (which will hopefully be featured in a magazine at some point, i’ll keep you posted), i will post them asap and share with all of you the eclectic menu!!




in the meantime, i have three different posts lined up that include various adventures from the honeymoon, which spanned singapore, bali, and tokyo.  it was the biggest trip i’ve ever taken, and it was so great to have my partner in crime there with me to share it with!




this first segment includes shots of the tsukiji fish market in tokyo.  sadly i wasn’t able to drag myself out of bed to go to the auction at 5am, but we did make it there by late morning and it was so incredible.  i must say, it’s probably not something for everyone, but for a chef-y type person like me, and a food obsessed someone like tomas, it is a magical wonderland!  the colors of all the fish, the people who butchered everything who are experts in what they sell and the sheer size of the warehouse was incredible!!  i say it is a must for anyone taking a trip to tokyo!!













the next line of shots is a timeline of the butchering of a large tuna… it took three men and two crazy long knives – maybe i should call them swords because that sounds more accurate.  watching their process was awesome, the precision was amazing – there was no meat left on the bones whatsoever.









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  1. Diane White permalink
    September 19, 2012 8:17 pm

    Love the pictures Sara, I felt like I was there! I especially love the picture of the clams/mussels?….. like little jewels!

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