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gluten free

i thought i would revise this page just a tad seeing as i now know that i AM indeed a celiac… sad face!  i’m sure there will be MANY more gluten free recipes to come now that i have decided to finally go gluten free, but worry not carb lovers, i will never give up carbs fully!!!  however,  part of the reason i am in grad school getting a masters in nutritional sciences is because i know how it feels to have to restrict my diet… it sucks.  being a chef, i am lucky enough to know how to get around my restrictions more easily than most.  one of my goals in going into nutrition is to help people with restricted diets – to show them they aren’t destined for bland, boring food for the rest of their lives!  this page is dedicated to those who are gluten free… it is a work in progress, but i am working on gathering a bunch of sites/books, etc. on being gluten free to help those new to the lifestyle, and even those veterans who need a refresher 🙂  i promise to have them up and running soon, and in the meantime, click on the “gluten free” tag in the cloud on the main page for all my gluten free recipes thus far!

celiac handbook

simply… gluten-free

celiac central

celiac travel advice

great info on gluten free flours

gluten free diet & FODMAP diet

manini’s gluten free (they have fresh pastas sold at whole foods and local farmers markets as well as great breads and treats)



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  1. hillary sargent permalink
    February 11, 2012 6:59 pm

    hey! I have a a handout you could showcase here about eating gluten free. i just had an article published about gf as well, in a local paper:) also, oats aren’t always gluten free and you have to be sure that you are not cross reactive with them…unfortunately a lot of times people who are gluten sensitive or celiac find that their bodies see oats as it sees gluten:( bummer!

    • February 11, 2012 8:57 pm

      hey hillary! i would love to feature your article/handout (both?)! so far i personally don’t have an aversion to oats, but i always make sure there aren’t any “surprise” ingredients 🙂 let me know how i can feature your article and/or handout… i would love to put the handout on the gluten free page as a resource! hope all is well!!

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